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Areej AbuAli

“This is the only email that I look forward to receiving every week! On Sundays, #SEOFOMO shows up in my inbox full of all the latest SEO news and updates from the industry. It also highlights the latest jobs, events and brilliant people to follow. I highly recommend subscribing to it!”

Areej AbuAli, SEO Consultant

Barry Schwartz

“Aleyda is one of the most smartest and giving people in the SEO industry. Her newsletter is one of the best in the space because she is able to find the best and the brightest SEO stories for the week. I highly recommend you subscribe!”

Barry Schwartz, SEO Janitor

Izzi Smith

“#SEOFOMO is my weekly TL;DR of SEO happenings.”

Izzi Smith, Technical SEO analyst at Ryte

Judith Lewis

“I not only recommend #SEOFOMO to everyone I work with and train, but I encourage staff to take time during their day to read and research the topics covered. #SEOFOMO ensures you get the real news, filtered by an expert - not fake/old/incorrect news.”

Judith Lewis, Digital Marketing and SEO Consultant

Mordy Oberstein

“There’s a lot of great SEO content being put out there on a regular basis. There’s also a boatload of junk too. Because of that, finding those absolute gems can be hard. #SEOFOMO is an absolute masterpiece. It really saves me the time from having to hunt down really substantial SEO content. If you want to take a deeper look into SEO then #SEOFOMO is the best way to access the right resources on a consistent basis.”

Mordy Oberstein, Liaison to the SEO Community at Wix

Mark Williams Cook

"I'm super-picky about subscribing to anything but #SEOFOMO is on my list of 2 digital marketing newsletters I'm on. Aleyda does one of the best jobs in the industry summing up important updates, useful things I might have missed and introducing me to other marketers"

Mark Williams-Cook, Digital Marketing Director at Candour

Miracle Inameti-Archibong

“I love that it is the first thing on a Monday morning. I wake up to it. I used to have to go to all the search engine worlds to see the news now I just wait for the newsletter.”

Miracle Inameti-Archibong, Head of SEO at Erudite Agency

Nick Wilsdon

"As a fan of less noise, more signal, the SEOFOMO newsletter is the perfect summary of the articles I need to read each week."

Nick Wilsdon, Consultant and Partner at Torque

Nitin Manchanda

“If you’re an SEO and not subscribed to #SEOFOMO, you’re definitely missing something big.”

Nitin Manchanda, SEO and Founder at Botpresso

“There is a lot of SEO News and Updates out there, but if you want to read the most important ones and discover new SEO Awesomeness look no further, it is all in Aleyda's #SEOFOMO Newsletter. I got the whole Global SEO to subscribe.”

John Shehata - Global VP of Audience Development Strategy & CRM at Condé Nast and Founder of NewzDash

“I love SEOFOMO. It's the best SEO newsletter that saves me lots of time by delivering all the main industry news right to me.”

Kristina Azarenko, SEO Consultant & Founder at Marketing Syrup

“Aleyda publishes one of the most valuable newsletters in the industry, which shouldn’t shock anyone who knows Aleyda… From news directly from the search engines to the top SEO posts of the week to tools, jobs, and more, it’s an essential newsletter for SEO professionals. Go subscribe, you won’t regret it.”

Glenn Gabe, SEO Consultant at G-Squared Interactive

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#SEOFOMO is carefully curated, written and sent every Sunday by Aleyda Solis, experienced SEO Consultant, Author, Speaker and Founder of Orainti (boutique SEO consultancy), as well as co-founder of Remoters.net (Remote Work Resources Hub and Free Job board).

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